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Mom Tells Kids They Need to Stay Still to Charge Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas

By bvalchovski

If your parenting problems are that you have thirty kids... well, buckle-up, because you're in for a bumpy ride and I'm not sure any number of gadgets will save you. For the rest of us who struggle with common daily parenting challenges ranging from how to pick that tiny little nose, to how to get those whipper-snappers to sleep, Amazon has become our one-stop-shop for all gadgets child-related—and, as the mama bear to five littles, I've found these thirty-seven to be particularly helpful.

So, if you’ve run fresh out of ideas for how to get Junior to eat his delicious gruel, you’ll want to check out the dinner tray that makes eating a game. If sleep (for yourself or the mini-tyrant) is what you crave, we’ve got some portable black-out shades that just might save your sanity. Come along for the ride as we check out nifty gadgets that solve everyday parenting problems including the glow in the dark PJs that this mom uses as a handy tool to get her children to rest quietly... this might change every parents' life.