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31 Things I’d Buy With a $20 Bill on Amazon

By bvalchovski

I don't always have a bunch of extra money to splurge on fun items for myself, but I can usually swing 20 bucks without doing too much damage to my budget. When I've got 20 dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I usually head straight to Amazon to find something cool. Most of the time it's a book (in fact, I have a separate wish list for books — I'm up to 112 books on the list so far!), but there are plenty of other things available on Amazon that I'd like to have in my home. That's mostly because Amazon carries items in pretty much every category you could ever think of (and a few you probably would not).

If you've found yourself with an extra $20 to spend on something fun just for you, then I've got 31 things that might strike your fancy! I hope you find something you like.

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